Privacy Policy

When booking car rental services we ask for your name, postal address, telephone number and email address. This helps us to process your booking, to contact you if we have any problems with your request or to send you an electronic confirmation of the booking. If you are registered in the system, then we will assign a customer number, stored in our database of primary clients that will accelerate the booking process.
Concerning a preservation of personal data confidentiality of our clients, the following policy is implemented by us:
We store all personal data provided by clients on this website as a part of all our registration data used for safety and improvement of administration processes and activities management on cars rental. As we are a part of an international group operating the Budget Rent A Car System, we will from time to time share with other companies operating the Budget Rent A Car System (located inside and outside Europe) information relating to our car rental service operations, which may include your personal information. Unless you have given us your consent, your personal information will not be used for any other purpose.
IP address: We collect your IP address when you visit our site. This only identifies your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and does not contain any information about you as an individual. We use this information to help us understand more about where our site traffic originates.