Operational Leasing

Budget, thanks to the offered service of operational lease, provides to the corporate customers an opportunity of trucking facilities lease for a long period: 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.
Thus, the companies can reorient the means allocated for a vehicle acquisition on others, probably more profitable directions. Thanks to a wide choice of cars, the companies have an opportunity to pick up the vehicle where the characteristics and vehicle system completely conform to their requirements, and to arrange the order. Along with financial benefits, the cars lease from Budget substantially facilitates the functional loading connected with a process of auto fleet maintaining by the company. The first of such benefits is that forming and a program implementation of maintenance of a trucking facility, are performed by specialists of the authorized service stations where the Budget Company directs the clients, and in full accordance with their recommendations. Thanks to such practice, the companies get rid of additional work and time expenditures on accomplishment of formal procedures...

*The team of managers on rental will provide a qualified support in the vehicle choice. Our specialists will offer a high quality servicing combining provision of detailed information on cars of various brands, and the most useful recommendations in various areas.
For the improvement of the service quality and increase in level of our clients’ satisfaction, the instruction was developed to simplify the procedure of return of the vehicle upon termination of the rental term. To study the instruction comprising an operations procedure, made in the course of return of the car, with emphasis on compulsory procedures, and also describing liabilities and a circle of responsibility which is born by us and clients, you will be able at any time, having addressed to our company.